Why You Need Good Rap Beats

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Curren$y Spitta type beat
It may seem it's obvious but with out good rap beats, you won't ever go far within the hip hop game. Lyrics are necessary, yes, but I would believe that the beat is equally as important, or even more. An excellent rap beat is very important. Without it, you should just sing freestyle.

Curren$y Spitta style beat
Check out this example: Think of a great lyrical rapper. Suppose Eminem. Now, picture him rapping broke but a blender in the shadows. It would suck, no? OK, it's perfectly possibly Eminem could accomplish it but you get a picture. Now imagine Eminem rapping with a terrible instrumental. It would sound a bit better, but you would not get this full impact from the song. He probably wouldn't sell many albums, would he?

The actual fact of the matter is: Eminem established fact because he's an extraordinary rapper, but half the finance would travel to Dr. Dre for creating some sick beats. What i'm saying is, if you listen to several of Dr. Dre's beats, it is difficult to see how any rapper can create a bad song. The beat along with the lyrics work together to create a perfect song.

Thus whether you're rapping about the story of your life, and you need a powerful instrumental to improve it, or perhaps you only need some clever metaphors and would like to have the song blasting in peoples' cars, your song depends upon good rap beats.

Another topic I choose to mention: deciding on the right instrumental what you're rapping about. For example, Immortal Technique uses guitar/piano type beats, funky type old fashioned beats, and are generally suited to exactly what he raps about, since they're a lot more of a serious rapper. You wouldn't hear him performing "You Never Know" with all the beat "Laffy Taffy" (If you haven't heard That knows, take off tune in to it).

You must find your style of beat. Another example: you most likely wouldn't hear NWA rapping to some Dirty South crunk beat. Not just basically because they aren't still making songs, speculate it would go against their style.

With an above average rap beat, you may be something special. If you got the guts along with a dream, you are able to turn the dope rap instrumental in to a dope song. Something people need to tune in to.

Thus discover your style, write a couple sick lyrics, along with follow your own dreams. Though the result is: without good rap beats, you're not going anywhere.

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